agent WEENERS blotched grizzly flat hit!!!

SUPPORTING FACTS (CONTINUED)                                      PG. 3 OF 6      MC-275

It was pitch black at night. We ran to our vehicle but did not get into it in fear they had tampered with the vehicle to kill us. On a visit to the mechanic sometime in May, we left the shop after the vehicle repair. Down the road we noticed that the power windows, door locks, windshield wipers, blinkers, and radio DID NOT WORK! WE IMMEDIATELY tool it back to the mechanic, turned the vehicle off and asked who had worked on the vehicle. The mechanic introduced himself and we asked him what he did because now all of a sudden the windshield wipers, power doors/windows/locks, blinkers and radio DO NOT WORK. He checked under the hood and showed us that all he did was replace the belt and that had nothing to do with electrical. We said,’ then why is this stuff not working?’ he asked us to start the vehicle and show him. Everything now worked. We adamantly told him that they WERE NOT WORKING JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO!!!! He stated that electrical is funny sometimes. We left and kept thinking about all the previous vandalisms/harassment/murder attempts/ stalking, etc. our conclusion was that they planted a kill switch in our vehicle so that in the death threat situation they were going to cut the switch and try to disable our escape. Infer orated we discussed what to do. Our decisions led us to decide to leave for THE SECOND TIME to seek employment. after our second visit to the FBI on 6-6-12, their laughing at our situation, asking about what drugs we were on( us demanding they do a blood draw on us, which they refused and we responded then don’t accuse us of it then) telling them what happened: they GASSED us out of our tent. We ran through the forest at night. Along pockets in the road the gas was there. Feeling the symptoms that were the same at the campsite we had to run through these pockets of gas covering our nose/mouth making it difficult to catch our breathes. In-between the pockets of gas we had to rest to catch our breath, but briefly because we heard people whooping and hollering (males & female) like they were celebrating what they just did. When we got to the bridge the gas there was so intense and a longer pocket to cross after continuous exhaustion. We reached a cross road and heard a vehicle engine revving through the mountain. We hid behind a vehicle. While it stopped at the intersection for a brief moment. Reversed erratically up the road. This we knew was them searching for us. All night that same engine was heard accelerating around up and down the roads. Stopping to let their spotters off at various destinations to kill us as we go by. Knowing this we stayed hidden. When daylight began this vehicles description was one of a white Toyota w/grey/blue stripe down side, camper shell. At night while praying to the universe to keep us alive through all this so we can take down these people, I noticed that there were satellites searching the area of our vehicle. I told my husband of this and he watched and confirmed they indeed were satellites looking for us. This was an assassination attempt (NOT THE FIRST ONE) on our lives to keep us QUIET! THIS INVOLVED HIGH RANKING GOVERNMENT PEOPLE. We did no know where to turn. Not knowing who our enemies were, we did know that a lot of them had government ties. We found someone to pay to take us to my parent’s house in El Dorado. There I explained to them the situation. That we needed to get to the FBI right away. They refused to help us, saying that we were running from a warrant (which we WERE NOT!!!) we left and a kind neighbor fed us and gave us a ride to the FBI about 10-15 minutes before closing. They [FBI] even refused a VETERAN service because it

SUPPORTING FACTS (CONTINUED)                           PG.3 OF 6            MC-275

Was 2 minutes before closing. We waited in the lobby restless and upset. We were called into the interrogation room. We told him everything. He cut us off. Laughed at us. Claimed we were on drugs, refused to order a blood draw, told us to leave and not to come back. And that cops don’t do stuff like that!!! Now we knew that they were involved. Unwilling to listen or help!!!! Numerous complaints to news media nationwide, the ca state Gov. Diane Feinstein, Obama, foreign countries ensued. Disappointed and sad at the realization the government was so rogue and corrupt. We did not know what to do. My husband and I decided to just keep moving around to safe spots and continue seeking employment. On 6-29-12 while camping on the river a group of six (5 males. 1 female) ensued a robbery/murder attempt. In fear for our lives we ran trough businesses, had to jump fences, run across hwy. 50 at night while it was busy, jump over brick walls, dodge bullets creating numerous injuries along the way. When healed enough but still in agony we had to keep moving. We reported this incident to the D.A. and sheriff. They only wanted information for themselves and not to implicate us in any wrong doings. We would not take their offer. Disappointed yet AGAIN we returned to the one stop on Franklin ave. to seek employment. We left in FRUSTRATION due to the virused computer system, they claim is just old, bull#$@%,  which would not allow us freely to apply for jobs without every second a damn school application popping up!!!! We are already educated enough, both with GED and high school diploma, vocational/college certificates, etc. FRUSTRATION AT ITS PEEK we decided to retire for the day. Went to Carl’s jr. for a soda and to cool off for awhile. When bus was scheduled to arrive we waited at the bus stop. On the bus the bus driver started acting weird. Pulling over and non-stop looking out his window. I asked,’ is this a stop?’ he replied, ’no.’ while looking out his window. He continued on his course. Pulling over again I asked,’ is the bus breaking down or something?’ he replied,’ no.’ I looked out the window and witnessed shadows running towards the front of the bus outside from the back of the bus. They blocked the front and back door. The driver opened up both. Officers rushed in and asked if he had picked up a white man on Franklin. When the officer saw my husband he drew his gun with his finger on the trigger and yelled,’ put your hands up and don’t move!!!!!!!’ they cuffed us both and escorted us off the bus. Put into separate cars.  Not given my Miranda rights. Asked by officer miller if I was on probation/parole. I replied, no. he asked to search my bag and I said, NO!! My husband does not have access to my bag. If he needs something out of it I get it for him. Miller comes back approximately 5 minutes later and asks again can we search your bag. Again I say, NO!!! He replies that the reason we are going to search your bag anyway is because your husband is on parole and we think you have a gun in there. I said,’ there is no gun. We never had a gun. And I DO NOT give you permission to search my bag.’ They searched it anyways while I glared at them through the back window. They laughed and shook their heads at the contents of my bag. They found my husbands wallet and yelled, ‘I thought your husband didn’t have access to your purse!!!??’ I yelled, ‘HE DOESN’T STUPID. I CARRY HIS STUFF FOR HIM!!’ another officer pulls out his native card and glares at me. I said,’ so what stupid!! HE DOESN’T GO INTO MY PURSE!!!’ they release me. I make sure nothing is stolen. Well officer Smith’s punk ass apparently dumped out our legal marijuana which

SUPPORTING FACTS (CONTINUED)                                    PG. 3 OF 6          MC-275

we both had a prescription for and said, ‘the name is Smith. 14505? Report that!’ I said, ‘I am. That was a punk illegal move you did.’ He said, ‘I don’t need your street lawyer bullshit. Where the fuck do you think you are? This isn’t placer/el Dorado County. This is fucking Sacramento.’ I said,’ whatever punk’ The fat officer with no name or badge number asked if my husband was my bitch. I said, ‘NO!!!! HE’S MY HUSBAND! GOD YOU’RE STUPID!!!!’ I was left to carry both husbands and my own bag with injuries stemming from 6-29 incident. NON-STOP HARASSING/STALKING/THWORTED MURDER ATTEMPTS ON OUR LIVES. NO INTERVENTION FROM LAW-ENFORCEMENT.



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