“I’M NOT FINISHED!” — Barbara Shults vs. Humboldt County … Video for barbara shults► 7:11► 7:11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2ZJe3SDVcU

BEYYEW, Tait BEYYEW, Tait The California Department of Correction is currently seeking Tait BELYEW on a felony warrant for parole violation. BELYEW was last known to reside on Lakeshore Court in Shingle Springs. So obviously he is no longer on parole or wanted for a parole violation, but yet AGAIN they refuse to take this […]

Despite the fact that I put out truths out there the Sheriff’s of El Doardo County still have this on the website saying I am still in custody? Stupid? I think so. They did not even put on mugshots.com that WE WERE ACQUITTED!!!!!! Of course when you call to get this taken off they continue […]

Originally posted on just another day in paradise:
I was browsing around today on the internet and you tube clips. You know, the clips our President is using to determine Russia fired the missiles?   The border is being over run by third world urchins from several different countries.  Not only urchins but Muslim terrorists…

pt. 1 – 4 World’s Dumbest Cop Criminals from Newton County Missouri.!!!! and the award goes to. . . .

The Life and Mind of Curtis Continued Posted on May 13, 2014 by wildnfreesoul Yesterday was an interesting day. It was just a day of randomness. Things were a little off and I had a bad feeling about today. Needless to say my intuition was right on. The guy I was seeing who is a […]

One belief I have for the amount of chem-spraying choking out the existence of so many Natural resources. . . I have travelled to [ many ] states where storms are frequent and upon seeing only a clearing in the sky, above my husband and me, with the Storm encircling around us – it hit […]


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