Well I just recently was able to enjoy a few days of crisp, clear, blue sky (a rare thing in my line of duty). Until the inevitable happened. . . .  A much needed Storm was on the Horizon. Next came the jets with their lethal cloud killing, people murdering, chemical trails which hindered the […]

What I see happening around the World, with the United States at the head, is an overwhelming sensation that this is not far from REALITY! I also see the ‘President of the United States’ actually making u reasons to go to war so that they will have an easier time declaring Martial Law. I may […]

Martial law has been declared and this is just the beginning. My belief is that they are really trying to ‘detain’ people for complaing about symptoms from the chemical spray they blast all over the sky. So then if you have a ‘symptom’ of respiratory problems they can forcibly arrest you and throw you into […]


Now there is a page or to that goes to the beginning of this writ and I am sure it is buried in the hills so I will, to the best of my knowledge amend this failed murder attempt in Grizzly Flat! This was the day that my husband and I had gone to report […]

I wrote this back in 1996 but can only remember part of it. You better watch your back because I’m coming near, You can’t try to hide because I’ll smell the fear. Through the shadows of the night, darkness is the light. I’m getting closer I feel your body colder. My eyes blood red my body full […]

re-posted from another site   Saturday, December 10, 2011   The sociopaths running the United States government now plainly admit that they are spraying numerous neurotoxic chemicals on us including aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, lead, and much more. This insane chemtrail attack is part of a larger biological assault on humanity and all of life. […]


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