Of course I have many haters but most are in law-enforcement or work for them as their snitches; If You’re Not Being Hated You’re Doing Something Wrong. As the saying goes in this day and age on T-shirts everywhere. So this person is now claiming to be me on the commentaries but it’s just another […]

I’m sure half the world already know how I feel about run-ins with the police, yet here we have another perfect example of how ‘credible’ and ‘trustworthy’ our servants to society are. We just bought breakfast from Wal-mart and were enjoying it with our puppy, until the police showed up and interrupted. Turn it up […]

In regard to the altercation that took place at River Bend Park, Rancho Cordova, CA on 9-7-2014: We bought an annual parks pass to enjoy the American River Parks. We utilize our pass several times a week (especially out at the River Bend Area) where we have witnessed unlawful politics against ‘homeless’ patrons. Sometimes the […]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8NpH8S4WRk   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeYRvxP-BRo   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62bFlzU2Jks

Yet this is where the California [corrupt human trafficking] government claims is a safer, more ‘respectable’ place for an innocent child to be:   ! CHILD RAPIST ROBERT AMARO PEREZ ! 406 S. 31st, Billings, Mt. THIS CHILD RAPIST FLED FROM CALIFORNIA TO SAVE FACE. MEXICAN NORTENO-GANG SHOT-CALLER FROM NUESTRA FAMILIA, NUESTRA FAMILIA CAPTAIN, MAFIA […]

Well I just recently was able to enjoy a few days of crisp, clear, blue sky (a rare thing in my line of duty). Until the inevitable happened. . . .  A much needed Storm was on the Horizon. Next came the jets with their lethal cloud killing, people murdering, chemical trails which hindered the […]

What I see happening around the World, with the United States at the head, is an overwhelming sensation that this is not far from REALITY! I also see the ‘President of the United States’ actually making u reasons to go to war so that they will have an easier time declaring Martial Law. I may […]


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