THE ANTI-CHRIST SITS AT THRONE IN EL DORADO COUNTY AWARDING METALS TO HIS DEMONS WHO FOLLOW Re: The government in El Dorado County, California, USA, and the United States Vice President Joe Biden. Hallo People of the World, To us this is not new. We have been walking spiritual for God for many years. We […]

Hallo people of the world. It has been a year since my wife (Lisa) and myself (Tait) were violently ripped out of society by the ‘Corrupt Forces of Evil’ in El Dorado County by: the Sheriff, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the Pollock Pines Community Church. I have to start this by saying […]

I would really like to thank all who have visited my site. I hope i have opened many eyes to the truths about some forms of American Government and how they treat their own. Some forms of government try to help you and the corrupt ones try to step on their toes. I like when […]

Don’t get me wrong people, I am only on vacation at the moment, but take heed when it comes to the Tsi-Akim Maidu. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEIR RECOGNITION! These are scandalous, dirty, no good greedy people who DO NOT HELP THEIR OWN!!!! Nothing I have said on my website has been false one bit. […]

Just to let you know I will be updating my You Tube account Lisa Belyew a.k.a Storm with more videos of these sick Child Rapist supporting mouths from YOUR community! Legal action will be pending. Prof. analysis continues! ;} And check out the bugar picker, Chad…. halk, toot!

this blog is in regards to the el dorado county police brutality video that has now gone viral. the cops that work at this church for God have lied about statements we made and statements that they made. pollock pines community church is no longer a refuge or a holy place for God’s children. it […]

On the night of March 28, 2013 at about 2340 hrs. in El Dorado Hills I was awoken to tires screeching by my vehicle. When I looked out I saw a marked Sheriff SUV and thought ‘this is fucking great’ so I got dressed and got my paperwork out and ready for inspection. Out of […]


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